Adaptor Plates | Flywheels

Unicap have a proven track record in manufacturing transmission adaptor plates and flywheels to suit most engine combinations to VW or Porsche gearboxes.

With over 30 years of experience, Unicap's engineering expertise is second to none.

Adaptor plates and flywheels are available for most of the popular engines, including:

  • Subaru
  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Suzuki
  • General Motors
  • Chevrolet
  • Ford
  • Honda


Adaptor Plate and Flywheel
Toyota 1200cc 3K, 1600cc 2TG, 1800cc 18RGU, 1600cc 4AG, 2000cc 1GG 6cyl, 3000cc V8


Adaptor Plate and Flywheel
Nissan A1000cc, A1200cc, A1400cc, A1500cc, L1600cc, L1800cc, L2000cc, FJ20 2000cc, CA16 1600cc, CA18 1800cc, SR20 2000cc front wheel drive, SR20 2000cc rear wheel drive, E15 1500cc, VG30 V6 3000cc

Subaru to VW Gearbox

Adaptor Plate and Flywheel for a 228mm Pressure Plate
Subaru EA81 4cy, EA82 4cy, ER27 6cy, EJ18 4cy, EJ20 4cy, EJ22 4cy, EG33 6cy

Holden to G50 Porsche Gearbox

Adaptor Plate and Flywheel
GM 4cy Chevrolet, 192 6cy, 230 6cy, V6 90deg, 283 V8, 327 V8, 350 V8,
Holden V6, 253 Holden, 308 Holden, 1600 Isuzu

Ford Adaptor Plate and Flywheel to take a 228mm Pressure Plate

Ford 1600cc, 2000 OHC, Cosworth 2000cc, 9 Bolt Crank, 302 Windsor V8, 351 Windsor V8, 302 Cleveland V8, 3.3ltr 6cyl, 4.2ltr 6cyl

308 Holden to G50 Porsch Gearbox

Adaptor Plate and Flywheel to suite 240mm Pull Pressure Plate

Adaptor Plate and Flywheel

To suite 200mm Pressure Plate Push Type

Adaptor Plate and Flywheel

To suite 240mm Pressure Plate Pull Type

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